10 Quick & Easy Camping Food Ideas For Anytime of Day

Planning a camping trip anytime soon? Check out these quick and easy camping food ideas sure to delight the tummies of everyone in the family!

10 Camping Food Recipes to Try

Learn to Cook Delicious Camping Food 

When camping or hiking, it’s easy to fall back on fuel like protein bars, trail mix, and dehydrated fruit or jerky. Not only are these snacks ready to go, they’re also lightweight and relatively unaffected by the weather.

But they’re also not as fulfilling as a hot meal – and a campfire or small camp stove is the perfect place to cook up some simple, delicious treats.

If you’re hiking, you probably won’t want to cart around a cooler in addition to your other gear. There are plenty of camping food ideas you can execute with items that don’t need to be kept cold.

If you’re camping, you’ll want to squeeze as many meals as you can out of the cooler you do bring, so packing smart is critical. As always, prep as much as you can before you leave the house to cut down on food prep time on camp and tools you need to pack.

Here are our top picks for hot meals any time of day!

Breakfast Camping Food Recipes

1. Dutch Oven Pull-Apart Bread


Thawed dinner rollsButterShredded cheddar cheeseBacon


Dutch ovenAluminum foilCharcoal briquettes


Cut the rolls in half and roll them in melted butter. Lay them evenly on foil in the Dutch oven, and cover with 8 strips of chopped bacon and 2 cups of shredded cheese.Put the lid on and let the rolls rise to double their size.Once doubled in size, it’s time for the hot briquettes.You’ll want 10 below and 16 on top of your Dutch oven, and it should take 20-25 minutes to cook.

2. Potato & Egg Scramble


Diced potatoesEggsChopped onionChopped peppersButter


Cast iron


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