12 Survival Tools Everyone Should Own

How prepared are you when you’re camping or hiking? Make sure you have these survival tools in your kit to survive any emergency situation in the wilderness!

Survival Tools You Must Have, No Excuses

While most of us can enjoy a good survival show or movie, it’s been hard to picture finding yourself in a post-apocalyptic world or as the sole survivor of a plane crash. But the recent events put into motion by the coronavirus pandemic may have changed your tune.

Our world today is already very different than it was a month ago. And it’s hard to picture ever going back to the “normal” we once knew.

If you’re worried about things deteriorating even more, or have a general interest in what supplies are recommended for camping, hiking, and survival in the wilderness, here are 12 tools you’ll want to have on hand.

Firestarter – Even if you go the rudimentary approach with matches, you’ll want to have fire-starting tools on hand. Fire can help you cook your food, keep you warm, and protect you from danger.Knife or Multi-tool – If you’re packing light, an axe probably isn’t on your list, despite how useful it can be. At a minimum, you’ll want to have a knife on you. A multi-tool can offer more utility, but only if you’re comfortable using the tools.Water Filtration or Purification – You’ll need access to clean water over anything else – you can only survive for three days without it! Being able to filter or purify any water into potable drinking water is crucial.Compass – As you navigate, potentially without electricity or cell service, a compass is an invaluable tool that everyone should own.First Aid Kit – This is not an item to skimp on! Splurge on a complete kit with things like splints and long ACE bandages. Prepare for treating and dealing with cuts with jagged edges, broken bones, and more.Rope or Paracord – Ropes have many uses, but most


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