Americans Take Up Gardening As Food Shortages Continue

Are you going to wait until the food supplies run out and then do something about it? A true prepper knows better! Start gardening now and ensure your family has enough food supply for the duration of this pandemic.

Why Should You Start Gardening Now

In recent years, self-sustainability has gone by the wayside. Our increasingly busy lives have led to a reliance on supply chain and infrastructure.

Forget gardening and farming. Many Americans aren’t even doing their own grocery shopping anymore, with curbside pickup and grocery delivery growing in popularity.

But the coronavirus pandemic has alarmed younger generations, as the realization that life as we know it may not be so sustainable. Older generations lived through the Great Depression, world wars, and several severe recessions.

Some even recall previous pandemics. Baby boomers and younger have not experienced the same hardships; an expectation that everything we need will be readily available has become common.

With time on their hands and access to food limited, Americans are taking up gardening. In addition to purchasing seeds, chickens are also hot commodities after egg shortages have been an ongoing issue in stores.

Gardening is the answer to so many of the problems America is facing.

Guarantee Access to Fresh Foods

For high-risk individuals, trips to the grocery or big box store are highly discouraged, even when using a mask. Coronavirus has been said to live on surfaces and spread quickly amongst groups of people.

Grocery delivery services are overwhelmed and finding an open time slot can be challenging. Even when people are getting to stores, many shelves are empty and orders cannot be filled to completion.

Growing your own garden provides you with safe and exclusive access to a variety of foods that you personally select. Soups


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Title: Americans Take Up Gardening As Food Shortages Continue
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