Helping Friends And Family To Figure Out A Preparedness Plan

For the longest time, the question was how you broach the topic of preparedness to friends and family. How do we make them understand the need for common sense emergency preparedness? Well, they get it now! There are examples all over the world of why we need to be more prepared.

From the highest levels of world governments to the most impoverished, this pandemic has affected everyone. There are lots of people who are looking for answers. So, if you happen upon one of these poor saps who has decided to put prepping off, what do you say and what do you do?

4 Steps to Starting a Preparedness Plan for Friends and Family

Step 1: Clean Up Their Media Diet

We preppers hardly notice it, but we have gone through some extensive training on what to pay attention to and what not to. We are programmed to glean the most important information from reputable news sources.

Preppers can also smell a prepper blog that is in it to sell Mountain House and bugout bags from a mile away!

For new preppers, they can fall into the trap of buying up all the silver on the market before storing any food. Introduce your new prepper to several reputable websites, YouTube channels and podcasts that have their best interest in mind.

Step 2: Build Them a Library

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Here goes….922 pages seems there’s a lot to learn





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