How To Best Store Food For The Long-Term

While the U.S. is far from having zero food supplies, it’s still best to be always prepared. Put your prepper skills to use and learn how to store food for the long-term.

Store Food for Long-Term Quick Guide

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Americans are lucky to be reaping the benefits of a strong infrastructure as COVID-19 terrorizes the country. Our store shelves may be more bare than usual, but the shipments keep coming and fresh food is still readily available in most markets.

But as the virus spreads and fewer families venture out, foods with longer shelf lives are becoming hard to find. Canned goods, pasta, and eggs were some of the first items to be in short supply.

Daily staples like meats and dairy products have also disappeared from shelves, with stores limiting quantities to make supplies last as long as possible.

As we all hunker down (and hopefully prepare ourselves for future emergency situations), this is the time to learn about the best food storage options for the long-term as well as foods that will last the longest in your pantry.

Food Storage Options

When it comes to storing food beyond the normal refrigeration or shelf lives, there are four basic options for methods. These extend the lifespan of foods from months all the way up to many years.

Option 1: Freezing

Freezing gives you several months to safely consume your food. Nearly all foods can be frozen, although taste and texture can be negatively affected. Vegetables and meats take to freezing especially well.

Option 2: Canning

Canning increases shelf lives to several years. Pressure-canners vacuum-seal the lids into place; upon opening, the food is ready to eat immediately. Fruits, vegetables, sauces, jam, and even cooked hamburger meat can all be canned.

Option 3: Dehydrating



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