How To Survive A 14-Day Self Quarantine During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Do you suspect that you’ve caught the coronavirus? If you do, then it’s mandatory to undergo a 14-day self-quarantine. It’s not easy, so here are some tips to survive this ordeal.

Surviving a 14-Day Self-Quarantine

Many Americans are 4-5 weeks into their social distancing and self-imposed quarantines, and experiencing varying degrees of success with how they prepared for the challenge.

While being stuck at home provides significantly more comforts than being stuck abroad or having to vacate your home in a hurry, there are still plenty of essential items you can easily run out of.

As grocery delivery services are overwhelmed and shipping wait times longer than ever, now is the time that most people will start to see where they may have been able to better prepare themselves.

In the case of COVID-19, the average American is not without electricity or clean drinking water, but most emergency preparedness agencies recommend preparing for all possible scenarios.

Oftentimes, when people are stuck in their homes for an extended period of time, it is due to severe weather. Weather emergencies are usually accompanied by power outages and an inability for help to reach you.

So what do you REALLY need on-hand to successfully do a 14-day self-quarantine?

1. Food & Water

Of paramount importance are food and water. This cannot be stressed enough.

Fresh food is great in the short term, but for longer periods of time, canned and dried foods will extend your ability to be self-sufficient.

When building your stockpile, be sure to choose a variety of foods that everyone in your family will eat.

Do not forget your pets or any specific needs for children. Assume that everyone will eat about every 3 hours.

While our fresh water supply has not been compromised in this pandemic, your preparations should always include fresh water for every member of your family.

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