No groups bigger than 10, limits till August


WASHINGTON – In a significant increase in measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus, President Donald Trump on Monday issued guidelines that called for Americans to avoid social gatherings of more than 10 people and to limit discretionary travel.

Though he stopped short of imposing a national quarantine or curfew, Trump said the country may be dealing with a number of restrictions through July or August as a result of the virus. He acknowledged the economy may be heading into a recession.

“If everyone makes this change or these critical changes and sacrifices now, we will rally together as one nation and we will defeat the virus and we’re going to have a big celebration all together,’’ Trump said in the closest he came to displaying levity in a somber news conference that underscored the seriousness of the situation.

Just the previous day, Trump had sounded gleeful over news that the Federal Reserve had cut interest rates to near zero, though that did not stop the stock market from tanking again on Monday.


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