Travel ban, airports; stores, schools close


The race to get home was in full swing Sunday for Americans abroad amid a national state of emergency and U.S. travel bans that fueled long lines at entry points for some major airports.

The weekend brought more vitally important news on the coronavirus front: President Trump tested negative for the virus and the U.S. expanded its European travel ban to include the United Kingdom and Ireland. Stores and supermarkets curbed hours or shut down all together. Cities and states tightened restrictions.

Almost 3,000 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the U.S., with a death toll of more than 50. Globally, more than 150,000 cases and almost 6,000 deaths have been reported. In Hoboken, New Jersey, the mayor has enacted a curfew and ordered restaurants to shut their dining rooms. Walmarts and many grocery stores are limiting their hours. Nike and Urban Outfitters are closing their stores worldwide.

Today's quick read on coronavirus headlines is as follows:

  • There are long lines and frustrated travelers at airports like Chicago's O'Hare, New York's JFK, Dallas-Fort Worth as Trump travel restrictions hit hard
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci told Americans to get ready to ‘hunker down' and doesn't believe a 14-day nationwide shutdown would be overreaction
  • Parents are bracing to have their kids home on an extended break as schools across the U.S. close their doors this week
  • US servicemembers — and their families — are dealing with the reality of not being able to travel domestically. That means they can't move to new bases, as many had planned.
  • Google updates its homepage. ‘Do the five' delivers coronavirus-related information to the masses. 

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Long lines greet Americans returning from abroad

U.S. travelers flying back from Europe late Saturday were greeted with snaking lines and hours-long waits at major airports as expanded coronavirus screenings required by the government's new European travel restrictions took effect.


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