Are You Prepared?

4 Realistic Threats You Should Be Prepping For

Editor’s note: This prepping primer was written by guest contributor Mark Hedman.

Shows like National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers have shone a spotlight on the prepping lifestyle, and people across the country have joined the movement. Families are stockpiling water, food, weapons, essential first aid supplies, and more. While many people associate preppers with crazy people preparing for a zombie apocalypse, there are some real threats that you should be prepping for. You may be surprised at which ones make the list.

Prepping for Losing a Primary Source of Income

Losing a main source of income can be a catastrophic event for any family. Today, you almost need two incomes to survive, so what happens if you lose one of those? Worse yet, what if you’re single with only one source of income and lose it? 

Most preppers don’t talk about losing income, but it’s an event to plan for. Here’s what you can do:

Stock your pantry – Stocking your pantry with items you use every day is smart. Think beyond food. Look for items such as shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, toilet paper, and other household items. You can add to your stockpile a little at a time by purchasing items when they’re on sale. If you or your spouse lose a job, at least you have some of the necessities. 

Save an emergency fund – Many financial experts say that you should save enough money to cover at least six-months-worth of expenses and household bills. This savings account will help you pay for unexpected bills such as car repairs or cover expenses if you lose your job.

Aim for self-reliance – The more self-reliant you can be, the better. You can even take steps to move off-grid and away from community resources. Making the shift to off-grid prepares you to live without community services such as water, trash pickup, electricity, etc.


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